Diversey Rated as a Top Sustainability Company

Diversey Rated as a Top Sustainability Company Diversey Rated as a Top Sustainability Company
Dan Daggett
Vice President, Corporate Sustainability
Jan 28, 2021

Diversey’s sustainability performance was rated by EcoVadis and found to be in the top 20% of companies they analyze according to environmental, social, and governance issues. EcoVadis is a leading sustainability ratings service that has assessed over 75,000 organizations around the world. Diversey’s rating is based on public information as well as our response to an extensive 75-page questionnaire that explores our approach to social responsibility, human rights, business ethics, and environmental stewardship. 

Silver Sustainability Rating

Customers in some cases request Diversey’s participation in the EcoVadis platform to collect in-depth information on their suppliers to drive sustainability and mitigate risk in their supply chain. Increasingly, Diversey’s customers are seeing their purchasing power as a ‘force for good’ to push suppliers to improve environmental and social performance. 


Diversey improved our EcoVadis score from 46 to 57 this year, a testament to the work being done around the company to improve our environmental footprint, adhere to the Diversey Code of Conduct, and create sustainability value for our customers.  Sustainability is a journey and we hope next year Diversey can achieve the ‘Gold Level’ in Ecovadis.

EcoVadis Rating Certificate

View Diversey's award certification here and the full EcoVadis scorecard here.

To lear more about our various sustainability programs and the companies efforts, head over to our sustainability page or read our 2020 Sustainability report.